Friday, January 05, 2007

GWT shell resource not found *.nocache.html

GWT AJAX shell resource not found nocache.html cache.html

Following the Developer guide for making a GWT UI module. The code compiles fine with the GWT compiler and I now what to test and run using the GWT shell.

It starts up fine but I get the following error in the tree log of the shell when it opens up the HTML test page:
The development shell servlet received a request for
in module 'com.example.gwt.mypackage.MyModuleName'

My examplisation of the error message highlights what the problem was ...

The HTML "host page" must reference the module name in the meta tag, not the EntryPoint class or the ".client" package (it should be called .client if you want to use the GWT expectations for where things are). The module name is typically the package name parent of the ".client" package plus the name of the *.gwt.xml config file minus the extension.

<meta name='gwt:module' content='com.example.gwt.MyModuleName'/>

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Joshua Jacobs said...

Thank you for posting your solution! I just had this problem as I start playing with GWT and your solution was perfect.